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August 04, 2009



your images sum up glamping perfectly. brilliant and beautiful. I have been musing on ..." do i want to try glamping?" .. and now I know its a yes yes yes!!!


A totally decorated THAT'S really something! As I was scrolling though I was thinking "all they need is one with a chandelier"...and....Up comes one! Too much fun.


Singapore plants lover

Fun post, I wish I could join the fun.

Karen Burns

Wow! Looks like my kind of 'camping'. Where do I plug in the soldering iron?


Wonderful images, looking at them makes me feel happy. We are having a strange summer here in the UK.

Deborah Berry

Your images make me long to escape. "Make the view be natures painting" is my favorite - a golden, late summer afternoon glow. So relaxing. So beautiful. I think I'll go glamping all by myself and recharge before Autumn's football games, county fair and band competitions take over.


This is so cool! I would love to do this! I think it would be a hoot!

Nerissa Alford

Cute post! Now this is something I could get into. I'll have to show the hubby for ideas :)

Diane Folks

My husband and I went "glamping" at Costanoa near Half Moon Bay, California. It was great...there was even a spa! For dinner, all we had to do was walk to the restaurant. My advice, however is not to "glamp" too close to the beach. The walls of our tent cabin were whipping at about 90 mph all night. That made for some really weird dreams. In case you're wondering who I am, I took your Soldering for Virgins class at your studio last fall. It was AWESOME!!!! One of the top classes of all times!


That looks like a MaryJane's Farm kind of thing! My friend Diana Frey, Susan, & Shelly LOVED your chandalier class. I would have loved to go with them. Maybe next time!

Sheila at Halo Hill

It made me relax just looking at the pics! Good stuff, Sally!



I so want to be a glamper and also a scamp(er) (that's a mini little camper) I just love them and would love to travel with that and be a "Glamper Scamper" ...ahhh I can see it now - really I LOVE to do this..have a honey of a night - sweet dreams to all you future glampers or scampers...grace peace & joy 2 U Marlene


I have never been a camper, but oh my, I could so very much be a glamper!!!!

Sherri Boyce

I want the first TeePee!!!! So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!


Oh, I WANT, I WANT....


That's my kind of camping!

Alison Gibbs

What a fun post. It is nearly the end of Winter here in Australia and I am looking forward to Spring

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