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March 31, 2009


 Las Vegas Hotel

Those are awesome! LEave it to you to be obsessed with such cool, unusual things!im coing to prtland after i booked a ticket via easy click travel. monday im there.


Big, bright, electrical....what's not to be attracted too! ha ha

Michelle Matz

Hey Sally,
I have some contact info. on big circus letters. If you are interested in the info. let me know.
Again, great to finally meet you.
Michelle @ Magpie

Tina Gimore

Sally Jean, i just love your blog, your photos are just amazing. I love the photos of the big old delapidated buildings, with all those gorgeous old wooden cabinets, to die for. The photos remined me of an episode of "Dr Who" called "Blink", they're in an old house must mustn't blink - bit creepy, but fun.

Andrea Singarella

oh, these are fabulous! LEave it to you to be obsessed with such cool, unusual things!


Happy Easter sweetie- Just thinking of you as I am wearing one of your lovely treasures this morning... see you in a few days...

Sheila at Halo Hill

Those are awesome! I love old letters of all sorts! Maybe you could at least get an "S" sign light and re-wire it so it takes less wattage?



Michelle Grace

The letters are stunning! Would love to have something like that on my wall! Thanks for posting the link, too!


hi sally jean,
this is kim from flutterby in yakima (my real job is at a sign shop)! i've attached this site,, thought you might be interested. I have a hint for the sign companies in your area. Most have 'bone yards' where they've stored old signs for many years. You might be lucky enough to be able to pillage!
best of luck!

Cheryl Simpson

You always find the best pictures! Large signage is the best...just wish I had a a big enough place and money to buy them all. Having the pictures come a pretty close 2nd. xoxo

Jennifer Allwood

Ohhhh ouch on the cost of those!!!!!!!! So awesome tho'! Blessings, Jennifer


Oh they are amazing!
I bought a small letter N which I have on a cupboard in my kitchen and I love it.

I dropped in to tell you I've nominated you for an award....but (my blog skills seem awful this morning!) for some reason I can't link to it from here. VERY frustrating!!
Nicki x

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