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September 01, 2008


Christine LeFever

I loved taking your workshop on Friday, December 5th, 2008, Sally Jean! I can see why you don't have much time for this blog. You are amazing and I treasure my time spent learning remarkable artistic tricks from you. I went straight over to Cline's yesterday and bought all the wonderful things you have! I shall think of you often, Girl. Thank you immensely for your guidance and inspiration.

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!

Debra Schoch

so happy to see you now have a blog! love love love it! had to add you to my blog list!


I love your lists! You think of great things.
I actually just picked up clothes for one of my boys at Goodwill...can't believe I did it but it was so rewarding to get clean nice clothes for so little! He was happy too.

red tin heart

Wonderful ideas! xoxo Nita


WOW Sally! I love all of your new charms!!! You have been a busy, busy gal!!! See ya at SB soon!! Natalie

P.S. We'll have to drink a lemon drop together!!!!


You's a kick in de shorts chickiepoo! Your book is one of my favs - luv de goose in yer studio! I go there to dream sometimes...I is still scared of the soldering iron I bought tho' bloggie! Thx!

Clearview Clarice

September might be my favorite month of the year. Summers winding down, it stops being so bloody hot, turns into jacket weather. Thanks for all the tips, advice or whatever you'd like to call them.

Joe Mama



I am interested in taking a couple of your the little house and the bottle one, are there any photos anywhere so i can get a glimpse of what wonderful items these are? Thank you. Laurie

Molly Alexander

Sally -

You are such an inspiration to me - I love this list, and am going to get started trying some of them right now!

Thank you!

Molly Alexander

Christine LeFever

I just signed up for your Friday, December 5th class at your studio and I am SO excited! And yet I failed to send you a note with my PayPal, so this is it. I cannot find your email address. Anyway, I'm pumped! See you in December!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I so enjoyed my visit here today, with your list of to-do's! How inspiring!
I recently ordered a soldering iron and some other odds n ends from your site.. can't wait to get them!

michelle renee bernard

What a fabulous list. So many wonderful ideas. How DO you have the time?

P.S. Love the new halloween charms. Yum!


I am seriously going to make it a point to do at least 5 things on that fabulous list!! Thanks for the inspiration! I am off to check out your shop:)



Sally, so many wonderful ideas, so much fun, so easy to do and so little to spend. Every day can be an adventure filled with joy and smiles...thank you for listing them as a reminder and setting us off to think of some of our own!

coco leahy

Wow, I just stumbled on your site via Tim Holtz, my inspirational hero. Thankyou, I am battling a horrid flu and I was feeling a bit blue. You cheered me up and I was mesmerized how many ways to jazz up September. You sound terrific. Have a great day. I am having a better day now. Love Cocoxx South Australia

Heidi Woodruff

Another great month-list! Thanks! I'm off to "Do" the first on the list...treat myself to one of your charms! Yay, I'll get to take one of your classes in person at Silver Bella! (Yay, too, for us coming all the way from Oregon!!!)


thank you for the time and energy you share to us so freely! I pick up 'pretty little things' when i am feeling down or uncreative, it brings a smile to me and inspires me to 'get going' again!!
happy fall!!


love #6....did you do that to my bike...see Brad it was really Sally's bike LOL


Oh thank you for the inspiration. Happy September. Clarice


yay! I love your celebrate lists.

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