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August 27, 2008


Lisa Kettell

All your collage and solder crowns, charms, everything you do is gorgeous!!
Magic and Joy!


I just can't tell you how excited I am that you are coming to Silverbella. You are the Soldering Queen. I look forward to learning from the best! wink, wink.

peggy gatto

I finished my house! Thanks sally jean!
I posted it on my blog. Hope you come by to see it and read the nice comments I have received.
You are an excellant teacher!!!!!!

Prairie Home-Sherry

How do you DO IT ALL GIRLIE!!!You are fabulous in every way...One of these days I know we will meet & share a laugh....You are a HOOT with so much Original Talent!!!!
Travel Safe!!!

Carrie West

Hello~ Enjoy your weekend!

Kristin Hubick

Sally! I really enjoyed meeting you at the ZNE convention! I really hope you enjoy your halloween image CD! I can't wait to use my bisque dollies!
Kristin Hubick
Retro Cafe Art Gallery

Sarah D

Thanks for sharing these Pics you are a great inspiration to me

June Pegram

Sally Jean, I was so nice to meet you at the ZNE (sales day, Sunday). You actually signed a sticker for me since I forgot to bring your book- you are truly wonderful. Not to mention so talented and I will enjoy my charms forever.!



I've just recently purchased your book and it has been my "dream/escape" package for the summer...simply bliss. I'm hoping to get to one of your workshops in 2009...and I love the workshop collage you made -- so inspiring!


I have to agree with Carola... love the pictures and crowns. I'm re-reading your book and mentally preparing for your Soldering for Virgins class at Silver Bella. I am beyond excited to get to meet you and learn something completely new to me!
Have a beautiful day,


Great workshop collage, love all the collaged and soldered crowns/tiaras!

I don't think I'll ever be able/can afford to come to one of yor fab workshops *sobs* but I learned so much from your gorgeous book "Pretty little things" that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it and sharing all your knowledge and artistic creations with us!
It's my favorite art/craft book!!! Last week I even made a collage for my soldered pendants using water colors, colored chalks,ink,stamps etc. and not just printed papers and 3 D items like I used to do before and this was a great and satisfying experience thanks to you! You inspire me so much!!!

Warmest wishes from Germany sends you
Carola (a huge fan!)

Cheryl Simpson the new pictures except for that girl in the green...she has no lips! LOL Can't wait for all the new classes! xoxo

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