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April 06, 2008


Jordan Retro 14

Brilliant! What a great read. That was a good post - informative but not too heavy. Thanks for taking the time out to write it! I think spirituality is really important too, we certainly agree on that point. A leader without spirituality is missing a key element.

Linda Cain

Wonderful Post! And sooooo inspiring! Will try to do some of the terrific things you suggested!
Linda Cain


What a fabulous list! I visit for the first time, after re-reading a Somerset article from a few months ago (every now and then, I begin to organize the magazines!). I was so captivated, I knew I had to stop into the blog. I'm stopping back on a regular basis -- Sally Jean will now be part of my route! And I adore this list! It makes me smile -- it also motivates me to the max -- even if it's mid-May!


Oh, I love, love, love this post. Thank you for all the inspiration and smiles.

I thought it might be fun to give you a suggestion in return for all your lovely ones. Steal an evening alone away from your regular responsibilities and plan a lovely time on your own. First, be sure your house is already neat and the tv room is clean. Then, gather your truly favorite snacks. Since this is a take-care-of-me activity, the calories don't count anyway. Find one or two favorite movies and drag in the pillows and cozy blanket. Put on your PJs early and pile up on the couch for the evening.

It's fun to plan the evening around a theme. You can watch beautiful movies like "Out of Africa" and eat gorgeous cupcakes and tiny sandwiches and tea from a china cup. Or, watch tear jerker movies like "Steel Magnolias" with hankies handy while noshing popcorn and Milk Duds.

Tomorrow evening I'm watching "You've Got Mail" and eating a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with a crystal glass of pink lemonade. Fabulous four layer chocolate cake is for dessert.

If you like the idea, let me know what you end up watching.


Thank you for this. It's been a stressful day, and just reading about all of the fun things to do made my stress dissipate. (Twirling around in a crinoline in my head.....)Love your beautiful work and joyful spirit! -Jenny at


OK I'm off to buy a pair of boy jeans....need to do whatever I can to make the ever increasing butt look good!

Joy at Cupids Charm

Oooooh my! my new life goals are to complete your monthly lists! Each and every item is something that MUST be done. Thank you for sharing these keeps me focused, and as a fellow blonde, I need all the focus I can get! xoxo ~ Joy

julie b.

You make me laugh, and those cupcakes make me hungry!

Jen Crossley

Great post great fun

christine rose elle

I love spring! And you!
I will celebrate to the fullest. Cupcakes will definitely be involved...
aka christine


Great fun! The seeds are planted, let's see what I do now!
Everyday Cookies


Great fun post, I am going to attempt do follow it:) Thanks

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